Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc to be transformed

The Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc stopped producing tyres at its factory in Dundee with the start of the COVID19 pandemic lockdown in March.

Now, the intention is to redevelop the facility, which is a 65,000 sq m factory on a 32-hectare site.

The premises will include an innovation campus, a skills academy, business support, green energy sources and a café and gym as part of a recreation hub.

This is a joint venture between Dundee City Council, Michelin, and Scottish Enterprise.

Colin Mcilraith, chief operating officer of Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, said: “The appointment of Ryden and Westport Property as MSIP’s marketing and leasing advisors marks another key milestone in progressing our world class Innovation Parc in Dundee.

“The accommodation at MSIP is a competitive proposition to potential tenants, and by having Ryden and Westport Property on board, we have the right team alongside us to market the Innovation Parc locally and globally, to attract the right companies to locate here.

“The buildings are just one part of the offer to businesses, alongside business and skills support, collaboration opportunities and access to a large network of industry and academia. We have a strong market offer, and I am confident that Ryden and Westport Properties will support us to achieve success.”

A large complex with many different functions needs to have a great visitor monitoring system. Nobody wants people wandering into the wrong office, or accidentally interrupting important meetings because their meeting room is right next door to yours.

Time and Attendance Scotland offers the Management of Contractors and Visitors Software to help everyone be in the right place at the right time. This network-based application allows you to advance book visitor appointments and pre-book on site contractors.

These bookings can be made either via the PC based application or a user’s Internet browser. As soon as an appointment is booked, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location.

If there is no reception area in your workspace, or if there is not a designated receptionist, we can also offer you the Self-Service Visitor Management App, which enables visitors to check themselves in for appointments using a touchscreen. This can send an email directly to the person who will be hosting them.

If the appointment is for a visitor or contractor who needs to go around alone, MCVS provides a Welfare Check page to set up welfare notification reminders. These reminders (an on screen popup or an email) prompt the host to perform a safety check on the lone worker.

This means that you are kept up to date and there can be no ambiguity about location. A history of checks performed and acknowledged is also recorded for audit purposes.

Please contact us with any questions, or to discuss a quote tailored to your business’ needs.