London managed pubs worse than elsewhere

According to the Coffer Peach Business Tracker, managed pubs outside of London have seen an increase of 2.3% in like-for-like sales in January compared to January 2018, as opposed to London with just 0.7%.

Restaurants outside of London did the best, with a 2.5 increase.

Trevor Watson, executive director at Davis Coffer Lyons said: “To put these figures in context, last January the market saw a 1.8% drop in like-for-likes against 2018, so essentially we are back to where we were two years ago.

“But it does show an underlying stability in the market, despite the political climate and what has been going on in the wider economy.

“The eating and drinking out market is showing resilience and people’s appetite for going out remains intact.

“There is a universal feeling of improved investor confidence, however, this has not yet translated into deal flow.

“The stabilised consumer confidence combined with a stronger investor mentality is likely to result in steady improvement as the year progresses. We are off to a decent start.”

Most restaurants (and many retail shops in general) still rely on employees to fill in handwritten timesheets stating their hours worked. Not only does this run the risk of being inaccurate thanks to employees’ forgetfulness, or worse, malice, but it can be a massive drain on your administration and payroll staff who have to approve and type up all the information.

A workforce management system from Time and Attendance Scotland would bring your attendance systems up to date and reduce workloads considerably, and a brand new building is the perfect time and place to implement it!

For example, managers would no longer need to approve every single timesheet every single week or month, and accounts staff would no longer need to laboriously type up the timesheets to enter them into the payroll system.

All the staff would need to do is clock in and out using one of our terminals, with either a smartcard or a biometric measurement (fingers or hands). This data is collected in our WinTA.NET software, and it can be exported straight to common payroll systems such as Sagepay.

Finally, and perhaps most convincingly if you have employees from the EU, the European Court of Justice has just ruled that all companies need to accurately and reliably measure the duration of time worked every day by their employees. We can provide multiple different language packs to help you fulfil this requirement if you have employees over on the Continent.

Most restaurants still rely on employees to fill in timesheets stating their hours. This is inefficient and inaccurate. Get up to date!