Keep business alive through the pandemic

MadeBrave, a creative branding agency from Glasgow, has taken an unusual approach to the problem of combating coronavirus while still keeping themselves commercially afloat.

The leader, Andrew Dobbie, was aware of the potentially business-ending impact of all of his team being off work for the 14-day quarantine period now required if a member of a household is suspected to have caught COVID-19.

His response is to divide his workforce into three teams. One team will work in the office at Clyde Gateway while the second team works remotely, before swapping places after a fortnight. The third team, made up of people who either have an underlying illness or who live with someone who does, will work remotely until told otherwise. This is intended to minimise the effect of any infection spreading.

As much as possible, each separate team contains a full balance across the design, strategy, marketing, social media, copywriting and project management skillsets.

Dobbie said: “The advice we’re being bombarded with is to wash our hands, but it’s unlikely this advice will be enough to stop the virus from spreading. At MadeBrave, we’re being a bit more proactive about protecting our teams.

“As a business leader, the safety of my people is top priority – followed closely by seeing our clients grow and prosper. We’re their trusted agency partner, and that means supporting them to thrive – something particularly important at a time like this, when there’s so much uncertainty, fear and panic.

“As a business, we don’t usually err on the side of caution – we’re more about risk and reward. But not when it comes to protecting our people.”

Here at Time and Attendance Scotland, we have several different options which can be integrated into your attendance management and access control systems in order to minimise physical contact with other people and potentially unclean surfaces.

These include:

  • An online clocking-in system, the Self-Service Module (SSM), for remote workers
  • Contactless radio-frequency smartcards, which can be read from a distance while still inside a pocket
  • Fire Roll Call App which enables you to monitor employee presence during a drill without requiring them all to stand together in one place
  • Unmanned Reception App, to protect receptionists from undue exposure
  • Facial recognition software to minimise the need to face-to-face verification

If you’d like any more information, please ring +44 (0)1480 215530 , email us via the contact form, or book a demo. We provide online product demos and training once purchased, so that no unnecessary contact will take place.