Entrepreneur continues successful growth

Silver Birch Interiors, an entrepreneurial kitchen firm, has opened a new showroom in Hamilton. 

This is the company’s first expansion, after its founding in 2014 by Alan MacGregor, a graduate of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme. Its base is in Glasgow, and over the last few years it has grown into a £1.2 million a year turnover business with six full-time staff supported by eight trades people. 
The new premises showcase the company’s work and provide office and sales space. It is hoped that three new jobs will be created over the next year as a result of the move. 
McGregor said: “The growth of Silver Birch Interiors has been phenomenal and I can’t believe than in just five years we are now in a position to open our new owned space. This will allow us to reduce overheads and ensure we showcase our designs and work in the best way possible, helping drive increases in sales.
"Being a part of The Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme gave me the kick-start I needed to set up my business and being around like-minded entrepreneurs and having access to support and advice from the bank’s mentors and finance experts, helped me to focus my growth plans.”
A vital step in Silver Birch Interiors creating a successful showroom is to have an organised and effective visitor monitoring and management policy. 
According to a visitor management white paper by Proxyclick, two out of every five people in the 2,000 US and UK workers surveyed claim their perception of a company or brand has been negatively affected by their experience in the corporate lobby or reception area.
Our Management of Contractors and Visitors Software (MCVS) app allows visitors to book their appointments in advance in their browser. A confirmation email is sent to the visitor and to the person they are visiting (the host).
Once the visit is set up, it can be entered onto the host’s diary. This eliminates the possibility of a clueless receptionist turning someone away, or panicking unprofessionally as they try to ring the host to confirm.
For companies who don’t need or can’t afford a full-time receptionist, we can offer our Unmanned Reception App, otherwise known as the Self-Service Visitor Management App (SSVM). This app runs on any Android or iOs tablet and allows visitors to check themselves into their pre-brooked appointment without a receptionist needing to be present.
Whether checked-in by a receptionist or by themselves, once a visitor is registered in the building, they are also put onto the fire roll call list. This means that if a fire alarm sounds, the central system will print an up-to-date, real-time list of everyone who is in that building or zone. So even if the visitor has nipped to the loo on the way out of their meeting, they will not be overlooked or forgotten about.