Helios IP Force IP intercom

During this COVID-19 pandemic, businesses from all industries, from schools to GPs to the more traditional factories and high-security buildings are finding a need for intercom technology, to make sure that only essential staff are entering and leaving.

(See the government’s COVID-19 ‘social distancing’ guidelines here.)

The Helios IP Force IP intercom allows for easy and secure entrance monitoring, and can be navigated through visual and voice methods. The camera is wide-angled and in colour, with night vision. Illuminated buttons and a backlit keyboard make it easy for a caller to use in all weathers and levels of light.

Weather is, of course, a vital variable if your intercom is positioned outside in the Scottish elements, as many are. This intercom is designed for operation in the most demanding conditions, resisting damage from dust, water and even physical damage from vandals.

The Helios IP Eye app enables you to see the person at the door before you even pick up their call. If you miss a buzz, an email can be sent to you containing the time and an image of your missed caller.

You can program in time profiles so that only certain people are allowed access during certain hours. This means that you don’t need to constantly remind desk staff – the computer knows!

The Helios IP Force IP intercom can be easily integrated with a contactless RFID reader, to let approved people in and out.

To ensure that no-one on your blacklist can gain access via an acquired smartcard, you could also integrate the intercom with a facial recognition system, or send real-time video straight to your security team.  

The intercom is particularly popular in industries where certain access is allowed out of office hours, such as general practice surgeries, car parks or schools, or areas which always require high security levels such as laboratories, prisons, or manufacturing facilities.

To find out more about how the intercom could enhance your control over who attends your premises, please get in touch today.